Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I would be remiss if I did not begin my blog with the guy who inspired me to be conservative. Ronald Wilson Reagan (Ronaldus Maximus for those in the know) was quite possibly the greatest President of the last 100+ years. His strength, kindness, humility, intelligence and charisma helped keep the USA exactly as he said- "That shining city on the hill." He was always able to convey conservative thought in ways that the average person could not help but be drawn to. He single handedly ended the Soviet Union as we know it. He proved that Conservatism is the only way to help this country prosper. Once government gets in the way, he knew that it was difficult to correct the mistakes that it caused. He knew that free markets and less government would always be the best way to preserve our personal freedoms.

Ronald Reagan is an American Hero. There should be a monument made for him. The world is a lesser place with him not in it. I know that he is now in a place, serving his God once again, and still making everyone smile.

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