Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gay Marriage and Prop 8 in California

Well, I know this is a touchy subject and I am going to be as delicate as I can with this topic. But I feel that this is one that needs to be discussed. As a person who believes that all have equal rights, I have thought long and hard with how I balance that with my religious views on the topic. So I am going to attempt to get all of viewpoints out (hopefully with all due respect) and see where it leads us. But first I want to let it be known that I do not wish any ill will on hetero or homo. We are all children of a loving Creator, and you are all my Brother's and Sister's in Him.

My religious viewpoint on homosexuality- This is my personal views and not necessarily what I believe we should do legally. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. There is not much more to expound on that. It's pretty simple and clear in any scripture that you read. Any other viewpoint on it or trying to justify that sin is meaningless in regards to religion. That being said, I do believe in personal freedoms, and if that is what two consenting adults wish to do (within the law), I cannot stop them. Just because I feel that it is a sin, does not mean that I do not love them it just means that I can't condone the sin. I believe that God loves all of His children and because he does, I do as well without judgement.

My religious viewpoint on marriage- I believe that marriage is ordained by our Creator. That it's sole purpose is to bind one man and one woman in His eyes so that we do not sin in the attempt to procreate. I believe that history will show that is what exactly was set up in ancient times. I do not believe that it is just a Christian or Abrahamic based, but you will see it in the Eastern Faiths and in Ancient Greece. What other purpose could there possibly be for it? What purpose would a homosexual couple need of "marriage" since it is physically impossible for them to procreate?

My legal viewpoint on gay marriage- Since the institution of marriage was and is a religious institution, I do believe that this falls under the Freedom of Religion parameters of the constitution. And because of that, I believe that people of Faith should be the ones to define it. Therefore, I do not believe that gay marriage should be allowed. But, being a constitutionalist does allow me some perspective on this. If a homosexual couple would wish to share in the same rights and privileges of married couples, wouldn't an easy compromise be to call it a "union" for same sex couples? They would not be lacking in anything and the argument of not having the same rights would no longer be available.

Now I know what same sex couples are going to say. That what I propose keeps them outcasted. I do not believe that their argument helps anything. The Faithful will always feel that homosexuality is a sin and never condone it. So, how does imposing the term "marriage" on to same sex unions get them acceptance? All it does is continue to polarize us. And if their argument continues into "why are you imposing your religion on me?"- here is my answer. The same reason why we can not allow for polygamous marriages or allowing a 14 year old to have sex with a 35 year old. Because the basis for our laws was in our Founders Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our laws are based in religious morality. If you wish to debate that, please feel free. I have enough web links for you about writings on this subject by our Founder's to keep you busy for at least a month.

Again, I have nothing but love for all races, creeds and religions.

UPDATE- For those of you who don't think this will affect me or my family, here is proof that you are incorrect. There is an agenda here.


Jackie said...

Love the website! Thank you for a great read and I obviously agree whole heartedly.

Red State Time said...

I'm glad you like it. I think we all needed a place that we have a place to discuss and not be called a bigot.