Thursday, October 23, 2008

Answer's about Obama's Health Plan

A very interesting article on NObama's somewhat socialized medicine plan. A couple of things in the article stand out to me.

1) Q: Will I pay more or less for health insurance? Community rating will increase premiums for the young and healthy in order to cross-subsidize those who are older and sicker. Sen. Obama has also promised that his plan would reduce premiums by increasing the use of electronic medical records, cutting administrative costs, and emphasizing preventive care, but most experts believe those projected savings are highly speculative and unlikely to be seen for many years - if ever.

2) Q: Will I be able to keep the insurance coverage I have now? if you have an insurance policy that you are happy with today, but it does not match the type of plan that Sen. Obama thinks you should have, then you will have to switch plans, even if the new plan costs more.

3) Q: Will his plan raise taxes? Almost certainly

How does anybody fall for this?

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