Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Presidential Polls

Don't believe them. Just remember that in 2000 and 2004, Algore and John Heinz-Kerry were way ahead as well at this point and we know how those turned out. Trust me, the next two weeks will truly expose NObama for what he really is, a socialist. He just wants to "spread the wealth around". Am I the only one this frightens?

When the undecided voters actually begin to look into him, usually happens the last 3-5days of the campaigns, they will begin to see some scary things. Like all of his mentors in his life are either Socialists, domestics terrorists, black separatists or crooks and that he is just a regular old politician. They'll realize that all of his talk about change comes straight from Saul Alinsky, a communist (and community organizer, LOL). They'll actually realize that he has no resume or experience to hang an opinion of him on and realize that he may be all rhetoric. They'll look into his voting record and figure out that he is the most liberal in the Senate. They'll realize that, unlike his wife Michelle, they have always been proud of their country. They'll realize that their is just too many questions about his past that are unclear and no amount of auto-biographies that he writes will answer the real questions about him. They'll realize that they can't let a liberal President appoint more liberals to the Supreme Court. They'll realize that Barack Hussein Obama is not the man for the job.

Now, some liberals may read this blog and have questions that I am a racist or a bigot. I am none of these. I love people of all race, colors or creeds. We are all sons and daughters of a loving God. Please, oh please, remember that Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican. I would gladly vote for person of color for President. As long as said person was a Conservative. Condoleeza Rice, JC Watts or Michael Steele would be just great! But once Sarah Palin is elected VP and breaks that barrier, she will then have to be the next President and break that barrier!. Then, JC or Condie or Michael can get elected. And all will be right in the world.

UPDATE- According to the newest AP poll, the race is all even. Here is the link

UPDATE #2- Here is another poll. They happened to be the most accurate of the polls in the 2004 elections. So, buck up little camper. All is well.

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Crystal said...

I have clicked onto all of the links on this posting. The one that really gets me is the people he is having his slumber parties with or in other words his friends and associates. All of them questionable. I don't want our next president one who hangs out with these types of people! It concerns me that half of America does not care who he spends his free time with! Would you vote for me if I was best friends with Timothy Mcvey or the unabomber? I don't think so.