Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As I hear from people who's viewpoint differ from mine, I always hear that I need to be more tolerant in my views. This generally comes from someone who does not know me very well and has no idea about how I actually think. Here's the thing though. The minute an outcome is different than what the "tolerant" people think should have happened, their tolerance amazingly betrays them. Here is the perfect example.

This was in Palm Springs. An elderly lady was about to be interviewed on TV when a No on Prop 8 group swarmed her.

Here is the definition of tolerance..."interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one's own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint" and also "the act or capacity of enduring; endurance". You tell me. Do you see tolerance here? Just checking.


Jackie said...

I saw this tonight! And you are so right. When democracy works to their advantage you don't hear a word except for some gloating, as soon as it works against them, they are up in arms! If PROP 8 had passed do you think you would have such a display of nasty, hateful behavior? No, we would be devastated but resinged to accept the outcome of the vote. Peaceful protests are fine but singling out mormons and blaming them for the outcome is silliness. We know what we stand for is right despite intolerance and TRUE discrimination.

Crystal said...

That was disgusting! Those guys are not men they're babies! That was no display of tolerance and they should get their butts kicked for treating a woman like that just because she wanted to express her views. The way the homosexual community has lashed out the past week is embarrassing. I'm so abashed for them. Where is the love? These are not peaceful demonstrations! The behavior I've witnessed is outrageous and unsophisticated. Democracy does not always please each of us but we must move forward. I understand some homosexuals feel let down by Prop 8 and they’re entitled to those real feelings. But I can't see why they act surprised that most of society feels marriage is about a man and a woman. It took a man and a woman to create each gay person so why do they continue to act surprised that a majority of this world’s population wants it to remain between one man and one woman. The world will not revolve around homosexuality. It never has and it never will because it goes against evolution and nature. However I do hope that homosexuals will be granted equal rights shared in marriage such as insurance, medical, hospital visitations, etc.

Jackie said...

Don't they already have most of the same rights as married people?