Monday, November 17, 2008

Man- Made Global Warming??

Here is another article for you to read. With declining temps for the year and no actual warming since 1997, the supposed scientist are grabbing for straws to keep you believing. Please do all that you can to study this situation. There is a link in my favorites for you to study about this as well. I believe that what is happening is that this is a back door to socialism. They play on your thoughts that you are doing good for the "planet" by allowing these things to happen. Do you realize that Al Gore has made hundreds of millions of dollars claiming these things while being one of the worst carbon offenders in the country? If he truly was concerned, he would have given up the polluting elements of his life. But like most elitists, his theory is "I know what's good for you!". Please, oh please don't just buy what the media is giving you. Educate yourself on the truth!

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